How to lift a 1000lb bull according to Milo of Croton

May 27, 2020

Today, I ran across the story of Milo of Croton.  Milo was a great wrestler that won numerous tournaments in the 6th century B.C.  He was a six-time Olympic champion and seven-time Pythian champion (both events were held quadrennially).  In addition, he is credited with 32 other tournaments wins.

Like the superstar athletes of today, his athletic prowess was astounding to the ordinary person.  One of his more famous feats of strength was to carry a fully grown bull on his shoulders.  Many assumed that his strength must be attributed to gifts from the ancient Greek gods.   But historians of the time did not claim he was one of the ancient gods, or related in any way.  By all reports, Milo of Croton was just a normal man that seemed to be able to do the "impossible".

Milo knew that these feats of strength were possible for others and he shared his "secret" with others.   Milo explained that he started his strength training by lifting a baby bull.  Every day the bull got bigger and heavier, so Milo got stronger.  Nothing fancy.  Just lift the bull every day and one day you will be able to lift a fully grown adult bull. 

As a high-performance coach, I work with my clients to achieve and sustain higher levels of success.   The story of Milo of Croton highlights some powerful lessons for all of us:   

First -  Milo recognized that doing the incredible meant he needed a training plan.  He didn't just wing it or wait for inspiration.  

Second -  Milo took action every day.  Consistent, daily practice results in gains that seem "impossible" to others.  

Third - Milo advocated a proven technique. 

Bonus Tip - Milo benefited from being born in a town that was famous for training athletes.  The benefit of working with great coaches in an environment that supported his training is worth noting.  

You what about you?  

So you want to be the next great .............(entrepreneur, writer, guitarist, parent)?

What's your plan?

You don't start at the top.  You don't try and lift a fully grown bull on your first attempt.  You start at the beginning.  You start where you are and look for the next incremental change.  Step by step.  Consistent action.  You then see how far you can go. 

Not sure what to do and want proven techniques  - google it or get a coach

Not surrounded by others that get you and share your - find a community

Your Coach,


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