Why have you been so successful in your life?

Sep 21, 2020
Research tells us that success is less about who you ARE than what you DO.
So one of the best ways to become more successful is to DO more of the things that lead to success and less of the things that don't.
Seems pretty obvious. However, for too many years, I never really gave it any real thought. I was making money and advancing in my career. I was married and had friends. Things seemed to be going okay until they weren't.
It turns out that a lot of really smart, hard-working, and highly accomplished people haven't given their success much thought. They might some general thoughts about why (e.g. talent, some lucky breaks, or hard work).
However, the highest performers can often answer this type question very quickly and with an amazing level of specificity. For example, if you were to speak with a professional athlete, they can tell exactly what types of training schedules and nutrition regimes and performance requirements are needed for success at each level of competition.
So where are you . . .
Do you know what makes you successful?
Do you have systems in place to ensure that your daily activities and most important activities include doing more of those things and less of things that don't support you?
Your coach,

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